Terms and Conditions

Mediate to Resolve

Former Appeal Court Judge, Sir Jonathan Parker, chairs ACID’s Mediate to Resolve Panel. The panel includes a number of experienced, accredited mediators. All are dedicated supporters of mediation as a viable alternative to litigation, which forms part of ACID’s core strategy. A list of Mediate to Resolve’s mediators together with brief résumés are available on our website. www.mediatetoresolve.comFor further information on the services offered by our panel please contact us by email or call ACID’s mediation hotline 0845 644 3617 and you will be connected to trained personnel. As soon as a brief is received we will take the details and circumstances of the particular case and take a note of your preferred mediator. Should you need any help or guidance in selecting a mediator, ACID will be pleased to discuss this with you. As soon as we have all the information and you have selected a mediator we will be in a position to quote terms.

Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise informed, the fees and expenses + VAT will be shared equally between both parties.The fixed fee quoted will include up to three hour’s preparation time, though, depending on the case if more time is required, this will be charged on an agreed hourly basis.The fixed fee starts from a time agreed by both parties until 6pm that day. Should further time be required either at the mediation or by continuing to mediate by telephone or by further attendance this will be charged on an hourly basis as agreed.If the mediation is without lawyer participation, the fees will be charged to each individual party. If the mediation is with lawyer representation, the invoices will be sent to each lawyer.There will be additional fees for room hire, refreshments, the mediator’s travel expenses and these can be estimated. Should a mediation take place over a longer period than one day it may be necessary to charge for overnight accommodation.The mediation fee, which will include the number of days booked, together with the estimated additional costs (room hire etc) is payable 10 days in advance of the mediation. Receipt of the mediation fee together with the Agreement to Mediate signed by all parties will confirm the booking.Any additional costs following the mediation will be invoiced and are payable within 14 days.


If a date has been confirmed, mediator booked and the period is more than one week before, there will be a cancellation fee of £750.Within one week 50% of fees are payableLess than 48 hours, full fees payableAny cancellation fees involved for room hire etc will be charged at cost.