Jellycat Hoopy Loopy GiraffeSoft toy designers and manufacturers Jellycat have again made a forthright legal challenge, this time to Padgett Brothers over a look alike giraffe. No further Padgett giraffes will be imported or distributed and an undisclosed compensation amount was paid together with a contribution towards legal costs. Importantly, Padgett supplied Jellycat with the details of the supplier and manufacturer which means that Jellycat can add these names to their list to watch out for in the market place.

In any copyright or design right disputes, clear, signed and dated documented evidence of design ownership provides a compelling historical audit trail and Jellycat were able to rely on unique, distinctive design features they had designed in their original work. Jellycat’s legal team confirmed that the design was protected by copyright and that as it was the first time the giraffes had appeared in the EU, Padgetts defence that they were innocently importing this cut no ice!

Commenting on the recent settlement, Dids Macdonald, ACID’s Chief Executive said, ‘As industry leaders, Jellycat’s message to the market place is clear, intellectual property (IP) protection is key to building and maintaining their brand credentials. The problems of counterfeiting, piracy and plagiarism are simply not going to go away. Together with ACID, these are shared challenges and common goals’

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