We have received a terrific amount of membership renewals for 2008 membership which commenced on 1 January 2008. Following ACID’s investment in a new database and improved payment facilities, we are now able to accept monthly, quarterly or annual direct debits which many have taken up. If you have overlooked your membership renewal do please get in touch with us as soon as possible. Unfortunately, if you have any designs lodged with the ACID design data bank these will be returned if your membership is cancelled. Also, a reminder that the ACID logo is a registered trade mark which is licensed for use on websites, marketing materials for current members only.

We very much appreciate the continuing support of all members who have renewed. Your endorsement and support of our continued work lobbying, raising awareness and providing a developing raft of member benefits ensures that ACID’s voice continues to be heard loudly and clearly in the battle against design theft!

Don’t forget if you are bringing out new designs the ACID Design Data Bank is a free benefit of membership. Sending new designs to the ACID office will ensure that you have independent evidence of the date it has been received by this office reinforcing your design creation date and audit trail. Design is so often an integrating activity and process, an increasingly significant contributor to organisational success, in other words, the bottom line. The role of design is evolving beyond just the physical process of creating beautiful objects, desirable packaging or unique branding. Design can be a linking force, a unifying element across the enterprise, a connection between business, culture, and environment. Ensure that its value is communicated throughout all your marketing material together with the member of ACID logo.

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