Time runs out on BHS look alike!


Fantome is the name of one of ACID member Innermost’s successful clock designs.  As with all Innermost’s products, the design is distinctive and the Fantome is no exception with a unique aesthetic created with printed graphics on glass, mirror and a distinguishing clock mechanism.  Innermost were disappointed to discover that major high street retailer BHS was selling a remarkably similar product. 

Quick action resulted in a letter before claim being sent by Andrew Lee of ACID Accredited lawyers McDaniel & Co.  Subsequent correspondence and discussions eventually resulted in a settlement. Unfortunately details of the settlement can not be revealed as it was agreed they would remain confidential.

Innermost have built their impressive brand over the past 8 years with a collaboration of both in-house and independent world-wide design talent. The brand initially focused on lighting but quickly introduced a range of accessories and more recently furniture. Innermost co-founder, Russell Cameron said following the settlement, “We will always pursue an infringement, we expect in a recession to see more infringements with larger companies trying to cut corners, but it is still disappointing when it happens.  We work closely with many high street retailers to provide them with exclusive designs so really there is no sense in copying.”

ACID’s CEO Dids Macdonald said, “Successful brands like Innermost invest heavily not only in the a huge reservoir of worldwide talent but in producing original design. Good design equates to value and it is important that this is not eroded by look-alikes. It would appear to be a deliberate strategy of some high street retailers, when legally challenged, to insist on confidentiality in settlement details.


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