LESS COPYING, MORE IP AWARENESS! This was ACID’s verdict after Interiors 2010. “Having supported this ACID Accredited exhibition for nearly a decade” said CEO Dids Macdonald, “We are cautiously optimistic that there has been a significant reduction in the number of complaints handled by ACID and generally, an increased awareness about the need for respect for intellectual property. Now, more than ever, there is a real need for all brands, whether micro enterprises, SME’s or well known brands to create an IP strategy.”

Presenting the Lighting Association Awards Dids said, “Whether a design is a portable luminaire, a non portable luminaire, best energy saving product, best innovation or indeed the lighting show design of the year –it will be underpinned by intellectual property.  This could be a patent for a unique invention, the trade name under which it will be marketed, design right in the creative design and the tangible form, or copyright in the way that it is described on packaging and  marketing material or on the company’s website. All this is valuable intellectual capital, which will be the differentiator between success and failure in today’s competitive market for  micro enterprises, SME’s and well known brand names.”

Speaking to some of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers Macdonald added, “We are no longer a nation of shop keepers, we are a knowledge economy and, as such, intellectual property is the lifeblood of successful companies in the UK today. The creative industries (and the lighting industry is very much part of this) collectively contribute a significant 8.2 %, or nearly 120 billion pounds, to the UK’s GDP. The rest of the world looks to the UK lighting industry to lead in innovation, safety, technical expertise/standards, sustainability and best practice and they have every reason to. One of the most difficult challenges facing those who bring new (and subsequently successful) ideas and products to market is the constant threat of them being copied. So key to success in the 21st century will be to create an IP strategy to protect, exploit and commercialise your new products.”

ACID has been supported by the Lighting Association (described as a very credible mouthpiece for the industry) for many years now; in fact they were one of the first to embrace ACID’s aims and objectives. One of their top priorities, as an ACID trade association partner, is to continue to promote education and awareness about the importance of respect for intellectual property. Theft is theft, whether it’s a wallet, a watch or a new design. Design theft costs livelihoods.

Another first for the Lighting Association was the announcement that this year the 2010 Student Design Awards will include, for the first time, an intellectual property requirement and criterion. The aim is to ensure that all design students are aware of the intellectual property they create and are better equipped to come to market. Entrants will need to be able to demonstrate that they identified different types of intellectual property relevant to their designs and be seen to have taken steps to protect their IP rights.

The list of Award winners are shown below.

Best Portable Luminaire

Winner      Pacific Lifestyle ( Aimbry)

                     Fleur Ceramic Range

Best Non Portable Luminaire & UK Lighting Design of the Year

Winner       Illuminati SRL

                      Meta Swan Series

 Best Energy Saving Product

 Winner      Oaks Lighting

                      7933-6 Messia Range

 Best Innovation

 Winner      Endon Lighting

                       EL10055 Halogen / LED downlight

Presentation of Best Innovation 2010 Endon

The awards for Best Stand were as follows;

Best Small Free-build Stand    Winner   -    Crimway Limited

Best Large Free-Build Stand    Winner   -    Valsan (UK) Limited

Best Shell Scheme Stand            Winner   -     Carlos Remes Lighting Co.

 Dids Macdonald presents Best Innovation Award to Endon Lighting



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