FOCUS ON CHINAOur very good friend the IPKat has flagged up a useful website for all those either working with Chinese companies or planning to work in China The China Intellectual Property Help Desk for SME’s. The best thing about this website is that you can email a specific question pertinent to your business and you will get a tailored reply. In the same way that you focus on strategy for other aspects of your business, HR, marketing, sales it is equally important to create an intellectual property strategy, after all it is the lifeblood unperpinning most businesses in the UK.

An effective IP strategy will result from an IP Audit and involve all staff in terms of IP awareness and the introduction of systems and procedures related to the management of IP which will affect the roles and responsibilities of most employees. Adequate protection through all the development processes from the seed an idea to market reality is a key consideration. Effective communication of an IP strategy through all communication platforms across the whole supply chain as well as internally and to competitors will reinforce your company’s stance on IP. There is no better communicator of an IP strategy than when accompanied by the Member of ACID logo.   Click on the link below to view the website.

The China Intellectual Property Help Desk

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