From Edison to iPod by Frederick Mostert


A must read for all ACID members! Frederick Mostert is the Chief Intellectual Property Counsel for ACID member, The Richemont Group which includes Montblanc, Chloe, Cartier, Dunhill and other luxury brands. In his introduction Frederick says, “I have written this practical guide to demystify intellectual property. My goal is to reveal the secrets and explain the complexities and formalities of the law, steering clear of legal jargon”. Dids Macdonald said, “I wish more lawyers would follow suit . This is one of the few intellectual property books which is simple to follow, easy to read and has some great tips and advice on how to protect, maximise and exploit your IP”.

Endorsing the book, Nelson Mandela said, “This book democratises intellectual property and makes it accessible for all to use and understand” and Fashion Designer Stella McCartney says, “Designers need to know how best to protect their creations. This book tells you how”

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