On April 1, 2007, the new “Museum Plagiarius” in the city of Solingen (near Cologne), will open as a permanent exhibition. The world-wide unique collection will show more than 250 originals and plagiarisms of all kinds of industries in direct comparison to visualise the problem and sensitise the public.

The aim of “Plagiarius” is to inform all parties affected – designers and enterprises as well as politicians, legislators and not least consumers – by the means of public relations, counsel, world-wide exhibitions, lectures – and now in the museum – about the extent, damages and dangers incurred by fakes and plagiarisms. Workshops and seminars on how to fight brand and product piracy will take place in the conference room of the museum on a regular basis.

The Aktion Plagiarius awards were initiated back in 1977 by Prof. Rido Busse. The negative award “Plagiarius” serves to inform the public about the problem of fakes and plagiarisms and the negative impacts they have on not only the economy as a whole, but also on small companies and designers. Action Plagiarius awards the negative award at the annual “Ambiente” trade fair during a press conference. The award is given to those companies that the jury has found guilty of making “the most flagrant” design imitations. As his key figure, Busse chose a gnome, which he painted black with a gold nose to signify the “illicit earnings from product imitation”.

On March 26, 2007 (11:00 a.m.) a press conference (including the destruction of plagiarisms by a road roller) will be held (in German) and in the evening (6 p.m.) there will be a celebration for the inauguration of the museum with friends and sponsors.

Museum Plagiarius
Bahnhoffstrasse 11
D-42651 Solingen

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