Craster Serves Up Oriel International


ACID Member Alex Craster Ltd produces luxury sustainable trays and hardwood products for leading hotels and restaurantsWhen a former employee left to set up a competing business, calling it ‘Oriel International’, Alex Craster was appalled to see Craster-owned photographs being used on the Oriel International website to sell Butler trays. Craster immediately called the ACID legal helpline and Andrew Lee of ACID Accredited law firm McDaniel & Co. confirmed that this was a clear case of copyright infringement and passing off. He immediately fired off a letter before action which resulted removal of the photographs from Oriel International’s website.


Following the settlement ACID’s CEO, Dids Macdonald, said, “Often people are mistaken in thinking that taking legal action means going all the way to a Court hearing.  This case proves that a letter before action underpinned by the ACID brand can get results quickly, effectively and inexpensively to achieve the desired result”

Craster have been producing exceptional quality trays and hardwood products for leading hotels and restaurants worldwide for over 15 years and each product is crafted from ethically sourced hardwoods, then furnished with top quality lacquers that enhance the character and beauty of the wood. Alex Craster said following the settlement, “We have spent years building up our reputation in what is now a ‘niche market’ successful business.  I will always protect the Craster brand against IP infringement” 

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