ACID Response To Copyright Consultation

Nick Kououpias - DMH Stallard

Nick Kounoupias - DMH Stallard

Working closely with Nick Kounoupias, ACID LOBBY’s Chief Legal Counsel and a member of the team at ACID Accredited law firm DMHStallard, the ACID response has been sent to the UKIPO in reply to the consultation on copyright issues which will form the basis of future UK copyright strategy.  As at today’s date there have been responses from 120 organisations or individuals and, according to UKIPO CEO Ian Fletcher, “There is still further work to be done. We want to encourage blue-sky thinking and involve as wide a range of voices in these discussions as possible”. He continued, “The case for prompt action is clear but we must take care to consider these issues properly and to engage fully with stakeholders as our thinking develops. In reality this may mean that Summer 2009 will be too early for the final report on our work and that discussions will continue over the period over the summer period”. Ian Fletcher has also confirmed that SABIP (Strategic Advisory Board on Intellectual Property) has now begin its own work programme in the area of copyright and the UKIPO will work with SABIP so that their work is complementary.   Dids Macdonald commenting on the latest news from the UKIPO said, “Whilst ACID welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the UK copyright debate, I hope this is not going to be a long and protracted consultation process. The challenges facing many SME’s in the face of an increase in copyright infringement are enormous and will not go away unless real importance is given to key issues. ACID has always focused on two key issues – an urgent review and increase in exemplary damages which will act as a real deterrent against copying and Government recognising the importance of intellectual property and “know-how” as a key driver in the road to economic recovery”. The UK creative industries contribute to 10% of GDP and every effort must be made to support those who are part of the creative process.

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