ACID Membership Renewal – ACID Design Data Bank

This is a reminder to all ACID members who send their designs in to the ACID Design Data Bank that, regrettably, If you do not renew your subscription, your designs will have to be either returned to you or, at your request, destroyed.  If you receive a cease of membership letter you will only have 14 days to send back the questionnaire, stipulating what you wish to happen to your designs.  After that time the designs will be removed from the secure Data Bank awaiting instructions from you. 

The Design Data Bank is a free service where all ACID members can deposit their new designs when relying on unregistered Design right (either UK or EU).  This service does not add to your legal rights but provides third party evidential proof of the design’s existence on the date it is received by the ACID office – therefore providing valuable independent evidence, or “prior art”. 

Under UK unregistered design rights, originators are automatically protected for 10 years.  However, after 5 years a third party may approach you to manufacture the product under a reasonable licence arrangement. Under unregistered Community design rights you are automatically protected for a period of only 3 years  in Europe, from the date the product is first shown on the market.  To rely on these unregistered rights you must be able to prove the date of origination of your design, preferably through an independent third party.

You have 12 months from first marketing the product in which to register a new design with the European Community   After this date you will be unable to do so.  ACID always recommends offical registration if at all possible because the design owner will have monopoly rights and protection for 25 years for a fee, renewable every five years. 

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