ACID member Beverley Williams recently made an application to register two trademarks.  She was delighted when she received a letter from the European Institute for Economy and Commerce asking her for a registration fee of £479.75 for each trademark.  She immediately e-mailed Niall Head-Rapson of ACID Accredited Law Firm, McDaniel & Co, to let him know that she had been granted her trademarks. Niall unfortunately had to explain to Beverley that this was a well-known ploy by EIEC, causing confusion with the official registration service.  ACID Members should be vigilant if they receive this kind of correspondence.  ACID is aware that it is relatively easy to access information on recent trademark submissions and some companies appear to be deliberately causing confusion with the official registration service. They frequently receive payment from registrants who are unaware that they are being misled.

Niall Head-Rapson commented, “Clients that I have been involved with have regularly received such correspondence.  In one case they paid out over €1,200 without realising it to be a fraud”.    If ACID members receive any confusing paperwork or e-mails they can call the ACID Legal Hotline on 0845 230 5742 for legal advice. Both members and non-members can receive general advice from the membership team on 0845 644 3617.

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