On April 26, 2010, WIPO celebrates the 10th anniversary of World Intellectual Property Day. The theme of World IP Day in this celebratory year is “INNOVATION – LINKING THE WORLD.”

On World Intellectual Property Day 2010, in an open letter to Chancellor Alastair Darling and Shadow Chancellors George Osborne and Vince Cable, Dids Macdonald, Chief Executive of ACID (Anti Copying in Design) said, “WIPO Day 2010 will also see the start of a new and ongoing campaign launched by ACID (Anti Copying in Design) to encourage UK PLC’s to include the respect for intellectual property (IP) in their Corporate Social Responsibility commitments. Years of campaigning by pioneers has resulted in many PLCs now focusing, quite rightly, on a raft of ethical issues; human rights, sustainability, the environment, employee welfare, etc.  All too often, however, the communication of high ethical standards and respect for IP do not get a mention. A simple statement such as, “(name of company) respects the intellectual property rights of other companies and individuals” would go a long way to ensure that UK innovators and creators could rely on the knowledge that they could trade with ethical companies who demonstrate a commitment to encourage respect for IP.

The economy will play a central role in the election campaign and the new Chancellor will need to demonstrate how he will stimulate recovery from the longest recession in modern times. Tax, financial regulation and public spending policy will be at the top of the agenda. However, another effective way to foster the green shoots of recovery is by innovation, creativity and a knowledge economy encouraging collaborative use of IP, safe from the threats of infringement. Key UK PLCs who take the important step of declaring their positive policy on intellectual property in their CSR will compel other market leaders to follow suit and, hopefully, it will become a ‘must have’ for ethical trading inclusion. After all, in tough economic times it will be the knowledge economy and the encouragement of innovation and creativity which will be a significant stamp in the passport to economic recovery.”

Commenting on WIPO Day 2010, Director General Francis Gurry said, “Rapid innovation and its global adoption has transformed our outlook. We are now linked – physically, intellectually, socially and culturally – in ways that were impossible to imagine. This universal connectivity, sustained by the Web and wireless technology, has huge implications for the future. With the ‘death of distance’ we are no longer limited by physical location – and the benefits are legion. Innovative technologies are creating a truly global society. WIPO is dedicated to ensuring that the intellectual property system continues to serve its most fundamental purpose of encouraging innovation and creativity; and that the benefits of the system are accessible to all – helping to bring the world closer.”

To find out more about the campaign, please email Dids Macdonald, CEO of ACID at or telephone 0845 644 3617

Editors Notes:

ACID (Anti Copying in Design) has, to date completed over 2000 on the spot mediations at ACID Accredited exhibitions using the ACID Exhibition Protocol. This is a non-confrontational means by which all exhibitors can communicate an alleged IP complaint to another exhibitor. Of the 2000+ complaints, only 30% required further legal action and of those, the majority were successfully settled by a letter before action and legal undertakings. Contact: Dids Macdonald 0845 644 3617

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