Come to another of ACID’s IP seminars at the UK IP Office in London on June 24th and hear about some of the practical, legal and financial aspects you should consider when exploring all the opportunities offered by licensing.

Furniture and product designer Damian Evans will take you on a fascinating journey through his forays into licensing with major iconic brand names such as Bliss, Joseph Joseph, Garden Trading, Gruppo Confalonieri, Hahn Trading, T & G Woodware, Bisque Radiators, Philippi (Germany) to name but a few.

ACID Accredited Lawyer Patricia Jones will take delegates through some of the legal hoops to consider whilst Ranjit Auluk will look at some of the financial aspects, above all to ensure that there are auditing procedures in place to ensure you get all that you are entitled to. Dids Macdonald, ACID CEO will run through some of the key elements of ACID’s industry standard licence agreement, not least highlighting a provision which provides a level playing field between designer and manufacturer to ensure that design integrity is not lost through manufacturing restrictions.

Damian Evans, talking about licensing explains, “Ideas are the life blood of our industry. Using good, intelligent design to help bring those ideas to fruition is an essential part of the DNA of modern manufacturing and commerce. With the increasing competition from China, India and countries like Brazil, creating a stream of innovative, stylish and commercially savvy products is one way of keeping many UK companies with healthy bank balances. The design process can be as complex or as simple as you wish. However, you get what you pay for and like any other part of business, everyone has to watch their overheads. This is one of the reasons why licensing is a useful tool to consider. A license can allow the manufacturer to develop more products as the designer is taking part of the risk with the manufacturer, in exchange for the potential of making more money than they would with a fee and therefore initial costs are kept lower, so if the product fails for some reason, less is lost.”

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