Just Dessert Chandelier

Above and below, original chandelier designs by Madeleine Boulesteix

ACID member Madeleine Boulesteix creates unusual, unique lighting designs that combine art and function. Madeleine creates her original designs from recycled material, particularly kitchen utensils. Says Madeleine, “Making things by reusing satisfies many needs and provides a framework to be inventive within. For me it’s a challenge, what can I find that’s been discarded that could be used for something else?”

Madeleine has created ranges of Chandeliers where the main features are the use of recycled teacups and lanterns made from recycled Jelly bowls. She is an innovator in this field and has had a number of commissions based on the design. So it was with great surprise and disappointment that Madeleine noticed someone offering identical items for sale on the web site www.beshlie.co.uk

Madeleine immediately contact ACID Accredited Law Firm McDaniel and Co through the ACID legal hotline and a letter before claim was sent. A quick and effective result was achieved with the website removed and Madeleine satisfied that she had met her commercial objective which was to continue to sell her unique products by continuing to create something opulent – a chandelier – out of humble objects. Visitors to the site will see the words “BESHLIE SITE OFF LINE”

ACID comment: “More and more designers are discovering look alike designs when they take the trouble to watch the market on the internet – so copyists beware, whilst you might think it is a great medium to pedal look alike products, it’s a relatively small sector specific market and it can be relatively easy to be shut down when alleged copying is discovered”.


Turquoise Chandelier

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