ACID member Sue Scott-Horne is one of those rare people in life with boundless creative energy. An inspirational social entrepreneur, Sue is passionate about teenage concerns in the light of knife, gun and gang murders and the hopelessness that prevails in some young people’s lives. Through this passion she was motivated to develop education resources to help teenagers who are despondent about life for whatever reason and endeavoured to make a difference.

Sue, an Islington woman, holds a 25 year Long Service Award from Islington Council, Education Department and was commended for her innovative work and commitment to children and young people. And so, inspired, EGAR was borne – an award winning social enterprise organization that produces personal, social and health education (PSHE) “Life Skills” discussion card sets and display posters used by staff teams and parents to support teenagers. EGAR is a keen supporter of The Teenage Cancer Trust and has adopted St. Pancras the Patron Saint for Children.

EGAR has designed and produced 50 unique ‘CHOICE’ discussion card sets based around lifelong learning skills for teachers, youth workers, mentors and parents to use to educate and discuss issues with teenagers or for anyone wanting to help young people. The discussion cards are a ‘talking tool’, an alternative way to discuss an issue, problem or maybe just something happening in teenage lives.

EGAR aspires to challenge teenage minds, attitudes, teach key life skills, self-responsibility and communication. Sue and her team understand young people’s views on different fundamental subjects and issues in their lives. EGAR discussions will support them through the most difficult yet ‘real’ transitional time of their lives about their feelings, emotions and worries. They also recognize that teenage years are very challenging, presenting some of the most difficult problems, not only for young people but also for adults.

There are ten ‘CHOICE’ discussion card sets in each series, covering health, crime prevention, personal development, citizenship and the environment. The discussions in each of the series cover such issues as, your life, bullying, smoking, alcohol, drugs, depression, vandalism and knife, gun and gang culture as well as love, dreams, kindness, money and confidence!

EGAR also produces a selection of graffiti and billboard posters for display and discussion purposes. The Graffiti Posters were commissioned and brought to life by an Award Winning London Graffiti Artist, they depict positive role models for teenager’s to relate to, all illustrated with a loud and clear message to inspire young people and get their attention.

Intellectual property is at the heart of EGAR and Sue joined ACID in 2006. All the EGAR designs are sent to the ACID Design Data Bank to underpin her unregistered UK and Community design rights, Sue said of the ACID team, “As a new small business, the staff at ACID, including the Legal Department has been very kind and supportive to me.  They have calmly taken me through the procedures of protecting my creative ideas, something I had to learn about.  They are always there with advice; consequently that gives me great confidence, with such a professional team behind EGAR!”

Sue Scott-Horne is proud to have been one of four shortlisted finalists in the recent Blackberry Women Technology Awards. Peter Jones – Entrepreneur from Dragons Den said “A very good idea”.  At the awards she was invited to take up the covetous invitation to become a Blackberry Ambassador and was proud to accept. She also won a ‘Special Recognition’ award from BFIIN.  Sue speaks from the heart and her message is crystal clear, “Whatever age, Wherever you may be, reach out, support and illuminate a teenager. Become their friend, you may ‘Change Lives’.” and her message to teenagers is “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, BE BOLD, BE BOUNTIFUL…………….”

EGAR will be exhibiting at the Children and Young People Now Show 2009 at Brompton Hall, Earls Court, London on Tues/Weds 19/20th May, stand 421.  www.egar.co.uk

Sue Scott-Horne




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