HOT NEWS – UK recorded music industry awarded £41 million damages against CD Wow!

According to BBC news and IPKat, The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) representing the UK record industry has just been awarded a gigantic sum in damages against internet retailer CD Wow. This is a significant settlement for BPI in that it creates an important legal precedent to stop the unlawful importing of CDs from outside Europe. The Hong Kong retailer was found to have infringed copyright

Geoff Taylor, Chief Executive of the BPI said:

“CD Wow has been undermining the legitimate businesses of UK retailers and record companies by continuing to import CDs and music DVDs illegally from Asia, despite having given court undertakings that it would stop doing so. Illegal imports of this kind undermine the huge investments made by businesses here in homegrown musical talent. This ruling illustrates the lengths that the rogue retailer went to flout the law and maximise its profits at the expense of British musicians and record companies supporting them. CD Wow is no consumer champion; it is a rogue trader that now has to face the consequences of its actions.
We have an extremely competitive record industry and retail sector here in the UK, and at an average price of around £8.50*, CDs are better value than ever.The vibrancy of British music depends on a fair return on the investments that allow British talent to shine. This decision is an important step in ensuring that British music has a bright future. The scale of the damages awarded, over £41 million, represents a significant legal victory for the UK recorded music industry, and will serve as a major deterrent to any would-be illegal importers.

BPI General Counsel Roz Groome, who spearheaded the industry’s six-year case added:
“The BPI will use this landmark ruling to take firm action against any other retailers that import illegally.”

More information can be found on the BPI website

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