Superdry Leather Jacket as worn by David Beckham

Zoe Wood reported in The Guardian last week on the recent legal tussle between Superdry and Primark.  Superdry are makers of an iconic leather jacket style, favoured and worn by David Beckham and they had accused Primark of copying. 

Zoe writes “The worn-in leather jacket with double collar costs £175, and has become something of a classic since Beckham first stepped out in it in 2007, with 70,000 unit sales to date and 25k on order for this autumn.”

Superdry director, Theo Karpathios said “It’s an ingenious design and one of our bestsellers.  We won’t put up with our designs being copied.”  Cheltenham-based Superdry accused Primark of copying elements of its signature Brad leather jacket and the two parties reached an out-of-court financial settlement.

ACID was asked to comment on the case for the Guardian and CEO Dids Macdonald gave her opinion.  “The investment incentive is not there for some retailers do the design, research and development; instead retailers look at what’s selling – and it tends to be design-led companies that bring out the hottest stuff – take it, change it a bit and hope that’s OK.  To bring a product to market takes time, investment and creative skills.  There are a lot of companies out there that are free-riding on another’s designs as a fast track to market. It has to stop!”

To see the complete article click onto the Guardian Website here.  You can view the Superdry range at

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