Last week ACID received  an ‘invitation’ from expo-guide to ‘update the pre-registered listing in the exhibitors directory’ and stated ’Your entry has been published to date for free under the following event’  above a field on the form that mentioned Birmingham Autumn Fair.

In the accompanying letter it asks for any data corrections to be made and also that on receipt of these modifications a free listing will be activated. 

What it does not make clear is that if you fill in the accompanying form (thinking that you can use it for modifications or to get a free listing) you are signing up to a 3 year agreement at a cost of 1181 Euros per year!  There is a reference to this in the ‘grey print’ at the bottom.

Do not respond to any of these requests – they are nothing to do with the exhibition that you are taking stand space with and if you do have any queries about your show guide listing ring the organisers.  Expo Guide has nothing to do with Emap, UBM, Clarion or any other of the UK Exhibition event organisers. 

For those that fell victim to FairGuide in a similar way and those of you that are new to to the exhibition arena – BE WARNED!  ALWAYS READ THE SMALL PRINT!  Whilst FairGuide was based in Austria, Expo-Guide is based in Mexico – a possible side effect from swine flu?  For a clearer look at the form click here

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