Ascot Hat Front ViewcpACID Member Hsiao-Chi Tsai recently wowed Ascot Races with her innovative reversible hat.  Specially designed to be worn in more than one way, Tsai ensured that she had sent all details of her design to the ACID Design Data Bank before leaving for Ascot, where it would receive maximum exposure.

By ensuring that her design was recorded on the ACID Design Data Bank Hsiao-Chi had obtained third party independent proof of the date of the design’s Ascot Hat Reversible Viewcpexistence, thereby giving her dated evidence which potentially could pre-date a would be copyist.  If you are relying on unregistered rights such as UK Unregistered design rights and EU Community design rights it is important that you have a paper trail of evidence showing the progression of  your design.  Copyists can rarely provide this type of independent information as they simply reverse engineer from the finished product so that they can replicate it.  The ACID DDB will accept design progression as well as the final example and is free and unlimited to all ACID Members.

Hsaio-Chi commented,  ” Making a dynamic hat is one of the latest developments of using my unique three dimensional textile technique which I first developed in 2005 at the Royal College of Art.
This sculptural hat was specially created for a lady to wear to Royal Ascot this year.  Submitting images of my latest creation to the ACID Design Data Bank, before the opportunity to expose it for the first time in public, really gives me confidence to showcase my work in any big event, like Royal Ascot! ”

Hsiao-Chi Tsai already has an impressive portfolio of work for such people as Harvey Nichols, The Royal Botanic Kew Gardens and London’s South Bank Centre which can be viewed on the website she shares with sculptor and collaborator Kimiya Yoshikawa

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