How to fully protect, exploit and commercialise your IP

BIID LogoIn the first of a series of intellectual property seminars led by ACID Accredited intellectual property lawyer Jo Potbury of DMH Stallard at the newly formed British Institute of Interior Design in Chelsea Harbour, delegates heard about the importance of protecting design drawings, registering new designs and the creation of an intellectual property strategy.

Jo Potbury said, “I cannot stress enough the importance of protecting your Intellectual Property rights. Intellectual Property is a fundamental part of your business and unfortunately, the more successful your business, the more likely you are to come under threat.” Jo referred to Daniel Defoe’s well known quote to underpin her message, “To print another Man’s copy is much worse than robbing him on the Highway; for the Thief takes only what he finds about him, but the Pirate printer takes away his inheritance [which] both is and ought to be due, not to the Author only, but of his Family and Children.”

Using the recent Morgan versus PTT case to demonstrate some of the problems faced by those who respond to tender opportunities and find that their submission is used by third parties without authorisation, Jo set out ways in which belt and braces can be placed around submissions and responses to tender. One of the ways is to send copies of tender/pitch responses to the ACID design data bank and ensure that the recipient is aware that a copy has been sent to ACID. In this way, it ensures that the subject of IP ownership is raised and asserted.

One of the objectives of the new BIID partnership is to feature IP as an integral part of BIID’s CDP programme and ACID is looking forward to working closely with BIID to achieve this objective and to offer advice on IP issues which affect the interior design sector. One of the main benefits of this partnership is a 20% discount off ACID membership to BIID members.

To celebrate the beginning of the ACID/BIID partnership delegates will receive a complimentary copy of the ACID Safe Pitch Kit. In it they will find tips, guidance and advice on various aspects of IP and some standard generic re-usable agreements which can be added to standard terms and conditions of business. These comprise a Confidentiality Agreement, Intellectual Property Agreement and Licence/Royalty Agreement. The intention is that bespoke clauses can be added to personalise them to suit particular requirements.

Further advice can be accessed through Jo Potbury of DMH Stallard on 01293 605596 or email her on
There would be a charge for any additional work and ACID members receive a discounted hourly rate.

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