Fashion Fringe LogoAn announcement of 3 Fashion Fringe at Covent Garden Finalists was made recently at The Club at The Ivy in London by John Galliano, Chairman of the Fashion Fringe Covent Garden platform.

In the lead up to the finals in September at London Fashion Week, all Finalists will receive mentoring in various different skills by business specialists. Last week the trio of finalists, Alice Palmer, Jade Kang and Corrie Nielsen were briefed on intellectual property issues in a one to one mentoring by Anti Copying ACID’s CEO Dids Macdonald.

During the session Dids identified specific areas and concerns of the individual designers and gave an overview of practical ways in which all designers can better protect their creativity and innovative ideas.     All Finalists were given a FREE year’s membership of ACID.  Below are a few tips from the mentoring sessions.

BE VIGILANT – Not just about others copying your designs but actual prototypes and samples can be stolen too. So ensure that there is CCTV and adequate security for your design studio.

KEEP A DESIGN AUDIT TRAIL – Sign and date all your work. Register your designs in the UK or EU if at all possible: or
ACID members can use the free ACID Design Data Bank to deposit their design at key stages from the seed of an idea to finished product. This provides valuable third party evidence to support prior art. To join visit:

IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE COPIED, SAY SO! Make a strong statement on your website, promotional material, product labeling such as, “All intellectual property rights are and will remain the property of (insert your name). Any infringements will be taken seriously.”

AGREEMENTS – NEVER send/leave prototypes or designs without a signed agreement
SAY NO TO PHOTOS – Unauthorised photography is the fastest and easiest way for other’s to steal your ideas.

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