Do you ever send sampling or leave prototype designs with clients or buying departments? If so, you might consider sealing the package with the ACID licence tape. The tape is embossed with a clear statement warning the recipient not to open the package unless they agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Licence Agreement which is enclosed in a plastic wallet attached to the outside. ACID members can purchase a one-off, reusable Licence Agreement which should be used in conjunction with the ACID Licence Tape. Acceptance of the Agreement is confirmed by breaking the seal and opening the package (just like computer software packages, for example).

* In this way, a binding agreement is entered into without the need to obtain the client’s signature on the actual document.

* A copy of the dispatch note is sent to ACID as proof of dispatch and held on files acting as evidence if anyone is foolish enough to ignore this warning.

So, not only does the ACID Licence Tape have a practical function it also helps to raise awareness about your IP rights and binds the recipient of any prototype or sampling owned by you into the terms and conditions of the Licence Agreement. Simple, low cost and effective!

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