Infringing Website

Melia's GinoThe power of a cease and desist letter has been demonstrated yet again for ACID member Melia Design.

Melia Design are creators and manufacturers of a range of high quality modern furniture. It therefore came as a great shock when another company JJ Whitehead began offering for sale a coffee table for sale on their website using a photograph (which had been taken from the Melia website) of one of Melia Designs hand crafted coffee tables. This constituted an act of copyright infringement by the unauthorised use of the Photograph and the offering for sale of a coffee table to the design shown in the Photograph.

Lucy Tatum of Melia Design immediately contacted ACID affiliate lawyers McDaniel & Co, who fired off a cease and desist letter to JJ Whitehead. Five days later JJ Whitehead wrote to McDaniel & Co admitting infringement and informed them that the images had immediately been removed from the website.

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