Booth Design

Following a successful legal challenge by Anti Copying in Design members Booth Design, a German company, Ovibell have agreed that they will no longer sell the lookalike Booth Design chalk boards and also agreed to pay £7500 in compensation and costs.  Ovibell had supplied the chalkboards to ALDI who have also confirmed that they no longer intend to sell these products in the future. 

David and Ann Booth trade as Booth Design and their highly successful business revolves around the creation, design and manufacture of a range of chalkboards and giftware primarily for use in kitchens. They supply their chalkboards in the UK but also into Germany through a distribution agreement with a German Company. They were shocked to discover via their German distributor that ALDI were offering for sale a number of chalkboards in Germany. Some of these were identical to the Booth Design boards and others incorporated various elements of the boards but which constituted the taking of a substantial part of the copyright works. Various pieces of artwork are applied to the Booth Design chalkboards which individually and then in combination together, constitute an original artistic copyright work.  

Niall Head Rapson of ACID Accredited law firm, McDaniel & Co said, “Booth Design were entitled to enforce the copyright in the chalkboards in Germany by virtue of the Berne Convention of which most countries in the world are signatories. This is good news because it provides for reciprocal copyright protection and minimum standards between signatory states, so for example a painting created in France would be entitled to be protected by copyright in the UK if someone were producing copies in the UK”.  

David Booth of Booth Design added, “I hope that this settlement will send a clear message out to our competitors that we intend to fiercely guard the intellectual property in the products we design and create, after all, originality is the lifeblood of our company”.

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