Exhibitions provide a terrific opportunity to show case new products. They are also the perfect environment for design thieves to see, photograph and steal your designs. A shot of your product mailed to a factory in the Far East can metamorphosise into a cheap look alike within days. So trade safe, be design safe and watch your IP! The following advice is offered to ACID Members during the exhibition season but is relevant for all exhibitors too.

ARE YOU HAPPY FOR YOUR PRODUCTS TO BE FREELY PHOTOGRAPHED?  IF NOT, HAVE A NO PHOTOGRAPHY POLICY! Remember with phone cameras, your designs can be sent across the world in seconds and could be mass-produced before you even pack up your stand! All exhibitors at Autumn Fair, Decorex and 100% Design are given an ACID No Photography sign in their exhibitor’s packs

DETERRENCE – ACID STAND SIGN – these have been created specifically to ensure all visitors to your stand know you are a member of an anti copying organisation, ACID, with a proven track record of many successful legal actions.

PROOF – ENSURE YOU HAVE DOCUMENTATION to say you own the IP rights or have a licence to market the goods that appear on your stand.

MAKE SURE THAT THIS INFORMATION IS EASILY ACCESSIBLE. In any dispute the onus is on the complainant to provide evidence of ownership, originality and date of creation.

DESIGN PROTECTION – CONSIDER APPLYING FOR A REGISTERED COMMUNITY DESIGN (RCD) www.oami.europa.eu. This is a monopoly right covering 27 member states and lasts for 25 years.

FREE ACID DESIGN DATA BANK – IF YOU HAVE NOT REGISTERED YOUR NEW DESIGNS – Don’t forget the ACID Design Data Bank is FREE and houses thousands of member’s designs – independent evidence to support your unregistered rights. 

IT’S VERY DIFFICULT TO TAKE ACTION at an exhibition if there is no design audit trail or evidence of ownership to support registered/unregistered designs.

ACID will have a high profile presence at the exhibition and will be supported by ACID Accredited Law Firms to give one to one advice at the IP clinics on a variety of subjects and help if you are unlucky enough to discover what you think may be a copy product.





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