Accredited Exhibitions

Organisers of exhibitions are encouraged to join ACID’s Accreditation scheme demonstrating their commitment to intellectual property protection by providing exhibitors with a safer trading environment, while sending a clear message of deterrence to copiers. Acceptance and use of ACID’s exhibition protocol – a standardised management system for dealing with intellectual property infringements arising at trade fairs is an integral part of accreditation.

The ACID Accredited Organiser initiative underpins the public declaration by ACID Accredited Organisers of a zero tolerance of plagiarism at trade shows in UK, Europe and USA.

ACID provides a visible brand of deterrence at trade shows, an opportunity for one to one education for both trade visitors and exhibitors and a “watchdog” service for its members.

ACID also provides practial legal tips for exhibitors prior to showing new product at an exhibition together with guidance from the organisation to exhibition organisers on “trade only” policies and increasing security and communication of a “No Photography” policy to support exhibitors. Members are advised, if relying on Unregistered UK Design Rights or Unregistered Community Design Rights, to send in their new designs to the free ACID Design Register BEFORE they are exhibited for the first time.

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