chloe2.jpgHot foot on the tail of ACID’s recent reportage of the Chloe and Top Shop debacle, Drapers Record fashion Khabi Mirza, Fashion Editor reports, “The predicted demise of fast fashion is such hot conversational currency in Drapers Towers, I felt it about time to stick my oar in. When someone wears something new around here, people notice and generally ask the usual “Where’s that from?” I’m sure the same background jibber jabber can be heard in offices up and down our fair isle. But whereas six months ago news of the latest hot £20 Topshop find was broadcast loud and proud, the same admissions are more muted these days. It’s not that anyone’s feeling guilty, it’s just the cool factor associated with covet-today bin-tomorrow high street bargains appears to be on the wane.

Exasperated by the mountain of crappy fashion tat that she can’t even give away to Sue Ryder, one colleague, currently in the throes of moving house, today exclaimed she’ll no longer be flittering away cash on pocket-money-priced fashion. Another has given up on the high street after too many Friday nights catching sight of her latest dress in triplicate. And 20 minutes ago, a third colleague announced investment purchases were all she’s interested in for autumn 07 because after having spent two years sidelining 214 Oxford Street for a deposit on a flat, her perception of value has changed irrevocably”.

Maybe the tide is turning against look alikes? ACID hopes so

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