Legal Hotline

+44 (0) 845 230 5742

The ACID Legal Hotline, is manned by the ACID team who will provide access to ACID’s new Accredited Law Firm teams, Hammonds, DMH Stallard and McDaniel & Co who will provide members with initial Free specialist advice on each separate issue, giving fast, practical responses to intellectual property protection questions and infringement problems. If a member is unlucky enough to be copied, advice is also given on the practicalities of taking legal action. This initial free advice benefit will normally be sufficient time for the merits of a case to be assessed. Members then have the choice to continue to use ACID’s associate lawyers, at discounted rates or take this advice and instruct their own lawyers. In these instances designers are advised to use lawyers who specialise in intellectual property.

To underpin this, ACID has created an international network of specialist intellectual property lawyers and dedicated Legal Hotlines have been established. This support network is continually being expanded.

In order to maximise your free time you will need to complete our Infringing Purchase Information Sheet. This allows the lawyers to quickly and efficiently asses whether or not there are grounds for a legal complaint.

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