Only this week Ruth Orchard, Director General of the ACG (Anti Counterfeiting Group) reports a case which resulted in a prison sentence for those involved in a counterfeit case of Ted Baker fashions amongst other. The case was passed to Leicester TS, enabling them to seize around £60K-worth of product, including fake Lacoste, Bench, Fred Perry and Timberland products as well as fake Ted Baker items.  See links below for news of this great result, with a prison sentence of 2 years 9 months for the counterfeiter:

This is a great coup for the ACG and for the trade mark owners and further demonstrates the disparity between trade mark owners and design right owners in that criminal sanctions were quite rightly awarded. Hopefully a prison sentence will deter others from this path. Whilst worst case crimes like these merit criminal sanctions, design right infingement still only merits civil action and cases cannot be referred to Trading Standards.

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