A Jewel In The Crown

Elizabeth Gage Ring

Elizabeth Gage Ring


Firm supporter and long-standing member of ACID, Elizabeth Gage, leading Jewellery designer and favourite with fine jewellery collectors world-wide, has a policy of archiving every jewel she sells.  A policy heavily endorsed by ACID who encourage all their members to store copies of their designs in the ACID design data bank – which currently holds over 300,000 designs! 


Gage’s dedication to keeping records has stood her business in great stead. When one of her pieces was found in a New York gutter by someone who recognised her work, the finder brought it to London on her next visit and Gage’s archive revealed its owner and the piece was returned!  Says Elizabeth, ‘’I believe those who copy are in the same category as people who rob your home and I have always admired ACID’s work on behalf of all true designers’


ACID comments: ‘All designers should take a leaf out of Elizabeth’s book.  Archiving copies of original work proves ownership and provides an audit trail should the originator be unlucky enough to be copied”. 



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