Buggy Baskets Pursue Mama Delight

Recently joined ACID member, Buggy Baskets, design and sell accessories for infants and storage solutions for strollers.  Concerned by a sudden drop in sales, Partner Vicky Mostran, assessed the market and noticed that one of their competitors, Mama Delight, were selling items which looked remarkably similar to their own.

The products in question were the Double Pocket Basket, Wedge Stroller Bag and Raincover Bag.  A letter before claim was sent by McDaniel & Co, one of ACID’s Accredited law firms, and the products were immediately removed from the shelf but then appeared on E bay.  Buggy Baskets used the VerO programme to have the listings permanently deleted.


Buggy Baskets is a highly innovative company committed to producing stylish, practical and affordable storage solutions, which are simple for parents to use. Vicky commented, “We joined ACID because we are determined to send a clear warning message out to our competitors that we will not tolerate design theft.  Losing valuable sales through alleged copying is not good news and like any small to medium enterprise we cannot afford our market to be eroded in this way.”


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