Fiesta Takes Action In Copyright Complaint

FIESTA GREEN SPIRIT CroppedLACID MEMBERS Fiesta Collectables Limited (“Fiesta”) has successfully handled an intellectual property (IP) rights issue with Nemesis Now Limited (“Nemesis”), demonstrating how keen vigilance and IP awareness can reap dividends. During Spring Fair 2008, Andy Kingston of Fiesta contacted the ACID stand because he had noticed (during set-up) that Nemesis were exhibiting “Green Lady” wall decorations which he believed were identical to the Fiesta “Green Spirit” wall decorations. ACID Accredited law firm Hammonds LLP conducted an initial review of the products, and considered there was a prima facie issue for Nemesis to answer so, together with Dids Macdonal initiated the ACID exhibition protocol to communicate Fiesta Green Spirit   the complaint to Nemesis.   
Andy Kingston of Fiesta said, “Following contact by Fiesta, Nemesis acknowledged the existence of the intellectual property rights in the “Green Spirit” design, designed by David Lawrence and exclusively licensed to Fiesta, and has withdrawn the “Green Lady” wall decorations from sale. I have worked with David Lawrence for several years. For successful companies like Fiesta, the designers with whom we work are our lifeblood and we are pleased that Nemesis has acknowledged the existence of his intellectual property rights in the Green Spirit wall decorations”.
Nemesis Green Lady 
Dids Macdonald, ACID’s CEO said, “Fiesta Collectables have endorsed the aims and objectives of Anti Copying in Design for many years.  Andy Kingston’s support for designers and artists demonstrates the core ethos of original design – respect”.   














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