decorex2007comp100% Design and Decorex will shortly welcome hundreds of worldwide buyers whether multiple, retail, independent or contract. Both ACID Accredited Exhibitions will offer a unique environment to view new and existing products under one roof so it is true to say that the exhibition venue is a one of the most significant dates in the diary for both buyers and sellers aspects. There is no doubt that online buying and selling has seen increasing growth but nothing replaces the look, touch and feel of the real thing! So intellectual property (IP) planning for exhibitions is a key calendar priority. If exhibitors get it wrong there could be little return on investment. If, however, you get it right you can establish relationships, consolidate the intellectual capital in your brand and communicate your anti copying policy – an essential objective for those whose reputation and future depends on original design.

So what is the answer? In short, an investment of a little time to put your intellectual property (IP) house in order before an exhibition will pay dividends during and after the show if you have a sound IP strategy in place.


Derek Welsh Launches Dog Leg Chair at 100% Design

A - Derek Welsh

For smaller, design led furniture designers like ACID member Derek Welsh, 100% Design will provide an excellent opportunity to show case his original new work. Derek, a designer and maker of contemporary furniture will be showcasing his latest work at 100% Design (Stand H13). Amongst many other new designs, will be his unique Dogleg Chair. Derek says of his new design, “It’s durable, humorous and fun to sit on and has been designed with an angled back to accommodate the sitter’s elbow in the rest position. It’s unique and surprisingly comfy and will take the strain of many a tête-à-tête!”  In preparation for the exhibition he has sent copies of this and other new designs to the ACID Design Data Bank.  Said Welsh, “This will provide me with independent evidence as to my design ownership, should it ever be required. Welsh also communicates his IP policy on his website by displaying the instantly recognisable Member of ACID logo.



The creative force behind Anti Copying in Design members, Scabetti, is the English design duo, Dominic and Frances Bromley. Their sculptural forms have been an iconic addition to the world of design, so much so that 100% Design team placed 4 Cibola Pendants on display in the welcome area of Earls Court this year and have featured their Cibola Pendant design as part of this year’s lead promotional graphics to launch the show this year, online and in International print media. Each fine bone china shade has a carved pattern of concentric rings, inspired by the many layers of an onion. By day, the Cibola looks beautiful as a sculptural white form, by night, the translucent bone china glows, emphasising the surface detail. The two shades create an eclipse-like effect, with reflected light spilling out of the crescent shaped hollow. This year new designs will be unveiled by Scabetti and any visitors to 100% Design should ensure that a visit to the Scabetti stand H20 is a must.

Design, craftsmanship and originality spring to mind when describing this dynamic duo which is why they pay particular attention to protecting the work they create. “We try to include as much detail as possible on the ACID Design Data Bank forms”, said Frances, “We have found that by adding photographs to accompany the signed and dated design drawings together with a full description of the evolution of each design process gives an accurate audit trail.  In this way we can ensure that there is an efficient and effective document management system in place to substantiate our design ownership credentials”.

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