Following in ACID’s footsteps demanding criminal sanctions for design theft, Trevor Baylis the clockwork radio inventor has also called on Government to create criminal sanctions for patent theft.  Baylis said, “I believe that UK plc should stand behind those courageous individuals whose ideas can change all our lives both commercially and socially”.

Dids Macdonald, ACID’s CEO said, “I am delighted that Trevor has picked up this mantel too.  It is high time there was parity in the penalties for intellectual property theft. ”

Vince Cable MP who championed a private member’s bill which increased the penalties for copyright theft from a maximum of two years to 10 years imprisonment told BBC News, “There isn’t the protection that exists in other areas of intellectual property. “If people steal ideas from creative artists, you can go to prison for that. But patent theft is just part of life.”

Trevor Baylis OBE

The same goes for design theft. To sign ACID’s Number 10 petitions

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