EMap logo“Internet overtakes television to become biggest advertising sector in the UK”

You may recall seeing this headline on The Guardian website earlier this year.  In time, it may become a pretty memorable moment in the history of media.

The UK has become the first major economy where advertisers spend more on internet advertising than on television advertising. The Guardian added: “It has taken the internet little more than a decade to become the biggest advertising sector in the UK.”

The average Briton now spends 30 hours a week online; that’s a couple of hours on the internet for work every day; 93% of us shop online, and Broadband is supposedly becoming as important to our quality of life as gas or electricity!
So what’s the relevance of all this for businesses that attend exhibitions?  Well, more buyers are now using the internet, and more specifically, exhibition websites as a permanent sourcing directory of products and suppliers.  With that, comes the risk of unscrupulous copying by individuals and businesses.

Digital Commercial Director at Emap Connect, Iain Nicol states that “at the same time as helping exhibitors attract more buyers by enabling them to enhance their online company profile with product and stand images, press releases, newsletters, product catalogues etc, we are also continuing to work with groups such as ACID to help exhibitors protect their intellectual assets.  This includes; enabling exhibitors to add the ACID Accredited Exhibition Organiser logo to their online profile page; download useful guides to help exhibitors prepare for attending exhibitions and retailers to avoid risking design infringement.”

Nicol adds “useful and relevant content attracts and motivates buyers and makes exhibitors and their products more visible and enticing both on the website and via search engines.  It is equally important that we do all we can to help exhibitors protect themselves and their products as we do more than ever to help exhibitors enhance their online presence on our websites and deliver a better return on investment for their time, effort and money”.

Summing up Nicol stated “Emap is committed to protecting the IP of its customers, so these initiatives with ACID are considered just as important as the huge effort s we are making to increase their online visibility”.

Article written by Iain Nicol, Commercial Director Digital (Exhibitions) 1st September 2010


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