IPKat – Design is peeking its head above the parapet in all sorts of places!

An item in the most recent OAMI News, “Industrial design “key element” for China”, reports that Commissioner Tian Lipu (head of the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office) has spoken of the importance of industrial design in his country’s IP strategy. In this video interview he said that China was putting increasing emphasis on innovation and creativity as it attempted to move from being considered simply as a manufacturing location to a more design-oriented approach. Opinions regarding China are clearly divided at the moment. Those who put a positive spin on things are emphasising the steps the country is taking to make all IP enforcement a more viable and sometimes even attractive proposition for foreign businesses investing there. Others will be more cynical: while accepting that China recognises the importance of industrial design, they’d like that recognition to take the form of not seeking to register or manufacture non-Chinese designs.

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