A Lord, Then a Lady – now a Lammy!

ALL CHANGE – NEW MINISTER FOR IP APPOINTED – THIRD IN 18 MONTHS.  davidlammy                           

David Lammy, MP for Tottenham has been appointed Minister of State for Higher Education and Intellectual Property. ACID lobbied for years to have a dedicated Minister for Intellectual Property but has been disappointed that in no less that 18 months 3 ministers have been appointed – Lord Triesman, Baroness Morgan and now David Lammy.


Rt. Hon. David Lammy

It would appear that Government is still not giving intellectual property the continuity in stewardship it deserves more especially when IP theft soars, SME’s are finding it increasingly difficult to afford to take legal action and, with the economy heading downwards, it will be reasonable to assume that many more will seek the fast track to market through copying. Whilst ACID believes that IP education plays a huge roll within the creation of a preventative and deterrent strategy against copying, it is still a microscopic element within Higher Education as a whole. In acknowledging the key and growing role that the creative industries play in the UK’s GDB and in light of the UK’s current fiscal crisis, wouldn’t it have been wiser to create a cabinet post reporting directly to the Prime Minister to better safeguard the UK’s intellectual capital?

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