ACID Member EGAR Receives Recognition

 EGAR AwardCPFounder and Director of EGAR, ACID member Sue Scott-Horne was entered into the Blackberry Women & Technology Awards this year and did very well to be one of four shortlisted as a National Finalist in the Public Sector & Academia category. She attended the awards night at The London Marriot Hotel in Mayfair, London and was asked to be an Ambassador for Blackberry on the same evening which she gratefully accepted.

Sue is also a member of BFIIN, British Female Inventors & Innovators Network.  She won a ‘Special Recognition’ Award from BFIIN in March 2008 in Cardiff to commemorate her work in founding and developing EGAR with its range of unique PSHE resources which she showcased with positive feedback.  She is also a member of The British Association of Women Entrepreneurs (BAWE) and The Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network (GWIIN).

Sue, an Islington woman, holds a 25 years Long Service Award and was Commended by Islington Council, Education Department for her innovative work and commitment to children and young people.   She has worked in schools, youth clubs/centre’s and children’s care homes in Islington, specialising in teenage work.   Sue’s concern with teenage problems in society today, in the  light of the knife, gun and gang murders and the hopelessness that prevails for some of our young people, motivated her to develop education resources that can be used to change lives and make a difference.  Hence, EGAR!  Sue, a mother of four, (the youngest a son of 18) and a grandmother of four; was Head of Marketing and Deputy Head of Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) for Children’s Services in Islington, whereby she supported most of the Play and Youth Curriculum Development work, in this high profile inner city London borough.

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