ACID Member Porta Romana Act Against Hartnell


Porta Romana-Dark Polish_cp




Original coffee table from Porta Romana 

Hartnell Interiors is to pay over £5000 in costs to ACID members Porta Romana in a recent settlement over look alike tables which Hartnell have now destroyed.

Two decades dedicated to creating objects of beauty under the brand name of Porta Romana has earned ACID members Andrew and Sarah Hills a reputation as a company which thrives on the pursuit of excellence and originality. Recently Andrew discovered some look-alike products being sold by Hartnell Interiors under the name of Clifton. They immediately instructed Niall Head-Rapson of ACID Accredited Law Firm McDaniel& Co. to send a letter before action. Despite providing compelling evidence of design ownership, Hartnell denied there was any wrongdoing. Draft pleadings followed and a settlement was reached. 

“A company like Hartnell, which describes itself on its website as providing a ‘unique and stylish range of furniture dedicated to design’, is misleading not only to their customers but the interiors sector generally”, says Andrew Hills. “Design credentials such as ours do not happen overnight. Innovative design coupled with a flawless service is the theme underpinning the Porta Romana brand and we will take action when and where necessary as a matter of policy”.


ACID’s CEO Dids Macdonald said, “All Porta Romana’s new designs are sent to the Design Data Bank – ACID holds 300,000 on behalf of all its members, a free membership benefit. Taking action requires evidence and there can be no more compelling evidence to support a letter before action. Copyists can rarely provide a design audit trail when challenged.”


Hartnell’s Version ‘Clifton’

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