Alliance Puts Full Weight Behind ACID Lobby

 acid-lobby1The Alliance Against Counterfeiting & Piracy Supports ACID’S Ongoing Campaign to Introduce Criminals Sanctions for Design Infringement.

UKIPO Signals Tougher Penalties For Online Infringement

In a letter to the UKIPO to accompany the Alliance’s response to the above consultation, Susie Winter, Director General of the Alliance says,

“While not explicitly part of this consultation, the Alliance would like to register a concern at the continuing inequality between the penalties available for copyright and trade mark offences and those for design rights.  The EU definition of pirated goods amounts to any goods which are, or which embody, copies made without the consent of the holder of the design right (registered or unregistered).  Products within this design industry which are often pirated include plush toys, clothing and jewellery, with the industries most affected being furniture, textiles, interior accessories and giftware. 

The absence of any criminal sanctions in this area means that anyone dealing in pirated goods that are protected by design rights, rather than by copyright or trade marks, are at no risk of criminal proceedings being brought against them.  This means that while the proposal in this consultation, to increase the financial penalties available for IP offences in Magistrates’ Courts, is premature in the case of design infringement, it makes it all the more important for the government to addresses this anomaly and introduce criminal sanctions for design infringements. 

ACID is an associate member of the Alliance Against Counterfeiting & Piracy – a powerful lobbying group UK-based coalition of trade associations and enforcement organisations with an interest in ensuring intellectual property rights receive the protection they need and deserve. The Alliance is concerned with ensuring intellectual property rights are valued in the UK, and that a robust, efficient legislative and regulatory regime exists which enables these rights to be properly protected.

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