PortaRomanaSLB28L-SLVWhen ACID member Porta Romana discovered a Dutch company, Maretti, selling what appeared to be copies of their ribbon, wisp, organic lip and sculptured ribbon wall lights and table lamps, they decided to take legal action immediately. Following a series of letters of claim Maretti have responded by removing the images from their website and have confirmed that they will not offer the lamps for sale. A spokesperson on behalf of Maretti said, “We were unaware that the lamps we were selling were an infringement and we will be happy to remove them”.

Leading designers and manufacturers Porta Romana, known worldwide as creators of objects of beauty, draw on the finestTWL10-2-NKL skills of glass blowing, metalworking, sculpting and furniture making. Over the past 20 years their ethic has never changed, and has led to the creation of a body of work including innovative and iconic lamp designs.

Following the settlement, ACID member Andrew Hills said, “Porta Romana pieces can be seen in the world’s most beautiful interiors, including private homes, hotels and yachts. They feature regularly in the top interior magazines, and can be seen in many design publications. As such, the intellectual property in the brand, in which we have invested so heavily, has underpinned our past success and will be key to our future. We will take legal action whenever we discover look alikes”


Dids Macdonald, ACID’s CEO said, “The internet can be an instant resource for creators and innovators like Porta Romana to keep their fingers on the pulse of possible infringements. Taking legal action is not necessarily going all the way to Court. Often, as in this case, a series of well crafted legal letters before action can achieve positive results in a timely manner.”

Niall Head Rapson of ACID Accredited law firm McDaniel & Co acted on behalf of Porta Romana.  All images shown are original Porta Romana designs.  www.portaromana.co.uk

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