Celebrating British ingenuity – 6th September to 28th November 2010

Dids Macdonald & Tanya EwingIn a celebration of British ingenuity the British Library is exploring the stories behind fifteen ground-breaking inventions from this century’s first decade. Whether they are changing the world of sport, fighting climate change, or just making life a bit easier, each inventor has challenged the established way of doing things. From Dyson’s revolutionary bladeless fan to President Obama’s favourite dog bowl and it is possible to trace the journey of an idea from that first spark of inspiration to the development of a business. The original drawings, patent specifications and finished products have been made available to view.

One of the 15 inventions is the Money Saving Ewgeco Energy Monitor developed by ACID Ambassador and Member Tanya Ewing.  Attached to a domestic or commercial power supply, this single device makes monitoring usage of electricity, gas and water easy through a simple traffic light warning system.

An inspiring programme of events will take a deeper look at world of inventions and help aspiring inventors to turn their ideas into reality, with the support of the Library’s Business & IP Centre.

Curator of the exhibition and the British Library’s resident Patent expert, Steve Van Dulken, said, “Inventing the 21st Century is a celebration of British ingenuity.  Investigating the stories behind fifteen leading British inventions from the last decade, this exhibition covers everything from potential world changing renewable energy devices and cutting edge medical technology, to products that simply aim to make daily life that little bit easier.  “Detailing the journey from inspiration to market behind each of these products, the British Library hopes this exhibition will inspire a generation of aspiring inventors to explore their ideas and turn that creativity into a reality.”

For further information visit the British Library Website

Please find a link below for a radio interview featuring Tanya on the You and Yours show

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