Plagiarius Winner 2010

Registration deadline: December 3, 2010 -Early Bird Tariff for registrations before November 02, 2010

The 35th  Plagiarius-competition date has been announced. Action Plagiarius grants this negative award at the annual “Ambiente”, the world’s largest consumer goods trade fair, during an international press conference. The award is given to those manufacturers and distributors whom the jury has found guilty of making or selling “the most flagrant” (design) imitations. Key figure is a black painted gnome with a gold nose to signify the illicit earnings from product imitation.

Since 1977 Action Plagiarius has been increasing the public awareness of the unscrupulous business practices of imitators who copy 1:1 the innovative design and technical solutions of successful products. The aim of Plagiarius is to inform the public – industry and consumers alike – about the sweeping extent of the damages and dangers incurred by fakes and plagiarisms. Furthermore Plagiarius serves as a platform and is a great conduit for industry to shed light on this problem on an international basis. The huge public awareness level of “Plagiarius” often makes a strong impact. In the past, numerous imitators have withdrawn remainders of stock from the market, have signed cease and desist letters or revealed their suppliers.

It is most important that affected companies protect their innovations and at the same time draw the attention to the increasing problem of brand and product piracy. Particularly consumers should be sensitised for the problem. Without demand, there would be no supply. Action Plagiarius combines both: deterrence of the imitators (supply) and sensitisation of the consumers (demand).

On February 11, 2011 – the first day of the “Ambiente” International Consumer Goods Trade Fair – the award ceremony / press conference of “Plagiarius 2011” will take place. All entries will be shown from February 11-15, 2011 in Foyer 5.1/6.1 during the “Ambiente”. Afterwards the prize winners will be shown at changing world-wide exhibitions and in the Museum Plagiarius in Solingen (Germany).

Designers and companies affected by plagiarisms, should apply for the Plagiarius Competition 2011

For the evaluation the jury needs:

  • The original product
  • The alleged plagiarism
  • The filled in registration for (new: can be filled in directly at the PC)
  • Any correspondence with the imitator
  • Copies of IP (Intellectual Property) registrations (certificates of design patents, utility patents etc.) if any registered
  • If needed, any further information that may be helpful for the jury (short and precise !)

The early bird registration fee until Nov. 02, 2010:

Registration: EUR 250,00 – further registrations (each): EUR 150,00

The registration fee until Dec. 03, 2010:

Registration: EUR 300,00 – further registrations (each): EUR 150,00

Applications are welcome any time from now on – the application form can be downloaded at:

For further information please ask Christine Lacroix, or phone. +49(0)7308 / 922 422

Last year’s winner image taken from Plagiarius website

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