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Standard Terms of Trading via the Internet

ACID is encouraging all designers/manufacturers to pack their intellectual property (IP) tool kit with as much armoury as possible – and this includes keeping up to date with ACID’s portfolio of legal agreements – written by the organisation’s team of Accredited Lawyers and tailored to a variety if trading situations – web, pitching, licensing/royalty and standard terms and conditions of business, all with a particular focus on safeguarding intellectual property rights.

Although the agreements are available to all, ACID members benefit from the support of the ACID Legal Hotline 0845 2305742 to discuss their requirements. However, non-members still get a good deal and a standard re-usable legal document. The latest addition is ACID’s new Standard Terms of Trading via the Internet.

This invaluable Agreement covers all the elements required for protecting both the supplier and the customer – liability, warranties, data protection, and intellectual property. The agreement is re-usable and represents excellent value as a one-off investment. If users feel there are one or two clauses which do not apply to their circumstances – these may be amended or deleted as required and once legally checked with an ACID accredited lawyer (via the ACID legal hotline) or solicitor the agreement becomes bespoke.

Says Dids Macdonald, ‘We want ACID members to get the best from their business relationships. All our industry standard agreements include support tailored to raise awareness within all commercial frameworks that IP ownership is highlighted appropriately and legally clarified. Hundreds of our members have found these agreements effective and simple to use.

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