Sweetness and Light







therefore – leading product design consultants and members of ACID like to ensure their exciting, innovative and original designs have sufficient intellectual property ‘belt and braces’ to deter copyists.  The multi award winning team of designers and engineers are briefed by many of the worlds most successful consumer brands to create pre-eminent products – design which puts inspiration back into innovation. As a result, many of therefore’s technology driven products require a high level IP protection and where appropriate include patent applications, applications for registered designs and maximum exploitation of the powerful ACID brand. 

therefore’s competitors know the consultancy has a zero tolerance of design theft – the ACID logo is used on therefore’s marketing material and web site and the consultancy logs its original design drawings in the ACID design data bank ensuring 3rd party  proof of ownership if there is ever a dispute regarding origination.

therefore’s international clients include major brands like Tom Tom , Samsonite, NAIM and Orange but latterly the team has used their vast expertise to launch their own innovative products  including the sugarspoon – the container that thinks it’s a spoon. The sleek, tubular hand held dispenser may be lightly tipped to release the equivalent of a spoonful or sugar or lightly shaked to dispense a sprinkle – a simple, hygienic and sophisticated solution to sweetening hot drinks and food.

Says therefore’s creative director, Patrick Hunt, ” Creating innovative solutions for leading brands is our life’s blood but we are also channelling our creative talents into designing and producing our own cutting edge products – the susgarspoon is an inspired household and catering essential and could represent significant volume business.  With the benefit of ACID membership we are determined to maximise the sugarspoon’s IP potential to enhance the products mass market commercial value.”

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