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Investing for returns – enforcing your IP rights

It is a common misconception that enforcing your Intellectual Property rights will be a long drawn out, and costly process. Brand owners often believe that if they invest in enforcing their IP rights, they will end up spending more on legal fees and “lost” management time investigating the problem than they’ll recover in the long run.  As successful brand owners, it is likely that the unscrupulous will try and piggy-back on your success.  However, having a clearly thought-through brand management, protection and enforcement plan in place can end up with the brand owner being the clear winner. It is all about choosing the right battles and navigating them cleverly, with the assistance of an able commercially minded legal team.


DMH Stallard, ACID accredited lawyers since 2006, get results for brand-owners on the basis of their sound understanding of their clients’ commercial goals. Not only will they act fast and strive to recover money to pay for all of your legal costs, they will also work hard to secure tangible returns on your investment – payments of damages and sending out a clear message to the marketplace which acts as a warning to others.


As an example, DMH Stallard are currently working closely with Office Holdings Limited (“Office Shoes”) pursuing [8] separate claims against companies who have infringed a number of their distinctive shoe designs. Office Shoes are bucking the trend in the retail market showing impressive success despite the recession and consequently are a clear target for copycats.  Through managing and enforcing Office Shoes’ rights, DMH Stallard have been able to secure undertakings from all parties involved, damages for loss of sales, and contributions to their legal costs. By working closely with Office Shoes, DMH Stallard has been able to turn enforcement of IP rights into an impressive business proposition, as well as working with them to raise their profile as a brand owner to be reckoned with.

DMH Stallard are a recognised market leader in guides to the legal profession such as Chambers, Legal 500 and Legal Experts, and are consistently placed in the top rank of advisers in the South East for Intellectual Property.CrouchJoCP

Should you wish to discuss an IP query with a member of the DMH Stallard Team, please contact Joanna Potbury  on 01293 605596 or e-mail



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