As ever hot on IP news, ACID’s feline friend IPKat reports that a Parisian Court has ensured that eBay will pay a €1.7 fine because it believes that eBay had not taken positive enough action to prevent the distribution of cosmetics and perfume following the high profile Court case in 2008. The Guardian ( reports that since 2008 there were in excess of 1300 trading incidences. LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) said the award was a victory in its fight to retain the right to “selective distribution” – control over which outlets are able to sell its goods.

“This decision constitutes an important step in the fight against unlawful practices,” said the company. “Selective distribution ensures the security and quality of products for consumers. It generates numerous jobs and contributes to the ongoing worldwide success of European luxury goods brands.”

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