Talking Tables Tackles CSC Imports in Copyright Infringement

Talking Tables ‘Something Magical’ Image Hundreds of printed brochures have been destroyed following a legal challenge by ACID (Anti Copying in Design) member Talking Tables when they discovered another wholesaler, CSC Imports, selling markedly similar products through advertising and promotional material which was strikingly similar to their own Christmas feature promotional image.

In a cease & desist letter from ACID Accredited law firm, McDaniel & Co,  Taking Tables asserted the copyright protection available in the image and made clear they were willing to take action over the alleged infringement in order to safeguard their brand. After engaging in pre-action correspondence with the other party, and making clear there was a very real possibility of litigation, a successful settlement was reached ensuring the removal of the image from CSC Imports advertising and the destruction of nearly 1800 printed brochures.

Following the settlement, Kelly Hudson of McDaniel & Co. said, “The issue related to use of a promotional photograph, to which Talking Tables had put significant effort into creating.  Action was important in this case as allowance the use of such similar images can be a signal to other businesses that Talking Tables would accept copying”.

Mark McCormack, Managing Director of Talking Tables, said, “Talking Tables invest significantly in design and new product development and take infringement of our IP very seriously. We are pleased with this outcome and will continue to monitor the market for further infringements.”

Dids Macdonald, CEO of ACID added, “In publicising this settlement, market leaders Talking Tables are sending out a clear anti copying message to all their competitors.”

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