ACID publish quarterly printed newsletters, distributed free to all members. Click the links below to download past issues:

Spring 2011 Issue 40

Issue 40 Cover

Winter 2010 Issue 39

Issue 39 Cover

Summer 2010 Issue 38

Cover of ACID newsletter Issue 38

Spring 2010 issue 37

issue 37 cp

Autumn 2009 issue 36


Summer 2009 issue 35

issue 35cp

Spring 2009 issue 34

Autumn 2008 issue 33

Issue 33CP

Summer 2008 issue 32

Issue 32CP

Spring 2008 Issue 31

ACID Spring 08

Autumn 2007 issue 30

ACID Autumn 07

Summer 2007 issue 29

Spring 2007 issue 28

Winter 2006 issue 27

Autumn 2006 issue 26

ACID online was first produced in August 2004. Since that time, we have made all previous issues available as web pages which we hope will prove to be a useful resource. In April 2007, we altered our format and upgraded the news function to the current Newsroom in readiness for the May 2007 e-newsletter. All e-news since then can be accessed through the links to the side of the page.

All the original issues of ACID Online remain in their original format as web pages and can beviewed on the web.

Our printed newsletters can be downloaded in PDF format from this page: Printed Newsletters